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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

15th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Marmont is defeated in an encounter battle with Wrede at Clerval
French beat the British again in the Irun phase of the campaign
Suchet defeats Giron in an encounter battle at Figueras
First French and Prussian Army
French enter Mongladbach and Prussians retreat towards Neuss
Further south the Prussians have taken Geilenkirchen
Second French and Russian Army
The Russian Army carry out extensive recce which result in three cavalry melee
Two result in a draw, with both sides withdrawing disordered
4th corps cavalry force the badly damaged 10th French corps to retreat to the west.
Third French and Austrian Army
The French are content to rest and recover at Molsheim
The Austrians have been forced to retreat to Strasbourg and need time to recover
Further south an isolated 3rd Austrian corps is marching on St Die
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Five French meet five Bavarian corps in an encounter battle at Clerval
Bavarians win, French retreat towards Rougemont
French lose 4400 infantry and 300 cavalry
Bavarians lose 1200 infantry and 300 cavalry plus 6 guns
Fifth French and British Army
Following the French victory at Irun, Wellington conceded defeat
He ordered the allied army to retreat to San Sebastian, pursued by Marshal Soult
Sixth French and Spanish Army
Four French meet four Spanish corps in an encounter battle at Figueras
French win, Spanish retreat towards Gerona
French lose 2000 infantry and 400 cavalry
Spanish lose 4400 infantry, 100 cavalry and 30 guns

Sunday, January 26, 2014

15th March 1814 – End of San Sebastian Phase – British

The campaign objective was to take and hold the town of San Sebastian

13th  March 1814        Start of campaign                                                       label 53
14th March 1814         French victory in battle of Irun (2)                             label 53
15th March 1814         Campaign ended in French victory                            label 53

The campaign was fought between 12 November and 20 December 2013