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Monday, September 30, 2013

9th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

 Campaign Map
Victor wins the battle at Worms and the Russians retreat to Mannheim
Third French and Austrians start the Molsheim phase of the campaign
First French and Prussian Army

2nd Prussian approach Mongladbach
9th French have halted at the river Mass
3rd Prussian and 13th French race to reach Geilenkirchen
 Suchet is defeated at Le Boulou and forced to retreat to Perpignan
Second French and Russian Army
French win battle of Worms
14th and 22nd French corps have orders to attack 1st Russian corps at Worms
1st and 3rd Russian corps have orders to march to Worms, but arrive too late
French lose 2400 infantry and 100 cavalry
Russians lose 4800 infantry and 300 cavalry
Third French and Austrian Army
Corps deployment at the start of the Molsheim phase of the campaign
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
2nd Bavarian corps  occupy Montebelliard
Fifth French and Brtisish Army
7th and 17th French corps move south and make contact with 4th British corps at St Jean
 Sixth French and Spanish Army
20th French attack 2nd Spanish at Le Boulou
Spanish win and French retreat towards Perpignan
French lose 4000 infantry and three brigades in rout
Spanish lose 2400 infantry and have one brigade in rout