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Thursday, October 31, 2013

11th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Macdonald attacks Blucher at Mongladbach, French lose and retreat to Roermond
Soult attacks Wellington at Irun, British lose and retreat to San Sebastian

First French and Prussian Army
9th French corps attacked 2nd Prussian corps at Mongladbach
The French lost and retreated to Roermond
French lost 800 infantry
Prussians had no casualties
Second French and Russian Army
Still no contact between the two armies
The French have withdrawn to the west
The Russians consolidate their hold on Oppenheim
Third French and Austrian Army
Both armies advance and make contact
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Both armies concentrate at Montebelliard
Fifth French and British Army
Three French attack two British corps at Irun
French win, British retreat towards San Sebastian
French lose 1600 infantry, 100 cavalry and 100 gunners
British lose 3200 infantry and 200 gunners
Sixth French and Spanish Army
Four French corps attack four Spanish corps at Le Boulou
French win battle of Le Boulou resulting in rout of Spanish Army
French lose 5600 infantry
Spanish lose 14800 infantry, 200 cavalry and 500 gunners