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Monday, April 28, 2014

25th March 1814 – Battle of Blamont

Blamont Campaign area

This is an encounter battle between all four Austrian and French corps.
Both have orders to either attack or engage the other.

Austrian          55,200 infantry           4000 cavalry               120 guns
French             59,600 infantry           4000 cavalry               120 guns

Note.   The French have one brigade, and the Austrians two, missing on garrison duty

Austrian HQ    halt
1 corps            move to D06
2 corps            move to D05 on engage
3 corps            move to cirey
4 corps           move to D04 on engage

French HQ       move to D05
3 corps             move to C05 on attack
9 corps             move to D05 on attack
15 corps          move to D04 on attack
21 corps          support attack from C04
Table at start of wargame

Austrian Brigades       14 infantry      4 cavalry         4 artillery
French Brigades          15 infantry      4 cavalry         4 artillery

Bavarian HQ                start on table           
1 corps                         arrive move 1
2 corps                        start on table
3 corps                         start on table
4 corps                         start on table
5 corps                        arrive move 1

French HQ                     start on table
6 corps                          arrive move 1
12 corps                        start on table
16 corps                        arrive move 5
24 corps                        start on table
31 corps                        start on table

This is the first wargame to use the new “blinds” for hidden movement and fog of war.
There is a blind for each corps, plus one or two blanks.
When two blinds come within 20” of each other a both roll 1D6.
The lower puts his figures on the table first, followed by the higher
The aim is to reduce time spent on the early moves of a game
And also to prevent reacting to the other side right from the start
Move 1 – 0800 to 0900
All move and start to deploy
Move 2 – 0900 to 1000
All move and continue to deploy
Move 3 – 1000 to 1100
All move and continue to deploy

Move 4 – 1100 to 1200
All move and continue to deploy
Move 5 – 1200 to 1300
Cavalry on both sides deploy to recce enemy blinds
All of the Austrian Army have been spotted and replaced with figures
Two of the four French corps have been spotted, two remain on blinds
Move 6 – 1300 to 1400
All four corps of both armies have been deployed and placed on table
French corps have orders to Engage and advance
Austrian dragoons charge, and rout, Polish lancers
They also delay advance of 21 corps
Move 7 – 1400 to 1500
4 Austrian dragoons receive 10% artillery casualties and rout
2 Austrian square receive 10% artillery casualties, make morale
French advance to engage Austrians
Move 8 – 1500 to 1600
2 Austrian square receive 20% artillery casualties, pass morale test
9 French corps ordered to attack farm
1 Austrian artillery moved south of farm
Move 9 – 1600 to 1700
9 French lose first attack on farm
3 Austrian infantry lose 10% casualties to artillery fire
21 French infantry in woods lose 10% casualties to artillery fire
Move 10 – 1700 to 1800
9 French win second attack on farm and occupy buildings
Austrian reserve infantry rout with garrison
9 French cavalry charge and rout Austrian dragoons
15 French dragoons charge and rout Austrian hussars
Schwarzenberg orders the Austrian army to break contact and retreat

Game Casualties
French lose 2,800 infantry and 100 cavalry
Austrians lose 3,600 infantry and 200 cavalry

Game Summary
The battle opens with 8 French corps attack on the farm
1 Austrian corps moves their artillery to the left to meet the French attack in the centre
This allows 9 French corps to storm and take the farm
The main French attack in the centre is launched too late to break the Austrian centre
The French attack on the right cannot get further than the woods
With the loss of the farm, and the rout of 1 Austrian corps, Schwartzenberg accepts defeat
Total casualties, including from earlier battles,  at the end of the battle
Austrian 4,600 casualties and two brigades in rout
French 3,400 casualties and one brigade in rout