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Saturday, March 29, 2014

22nd March 1814 - Battle of Gerona

Gerona Campaign area

Five Spanish corps launch a surprise attack on four French corps
24th French corps is only a cavalry brigade and will join 6th French corps
9th guerrillas will fight as part of 2nd Spanish corps

Spanish           60,000 infantry           3,000 cavalry              120 guns
French             48,000 infantry           4,000 cavalry              90 guns

Spanish HQ     move F05, G05                                  
1 corps            move F02, F03 on engage                 
2 corps            move F05, G05 on engage                
3 corps            move E05, F05 on engage                 
5 corps            move F04, G04 on engage    
9 guerrilla       move to E08                          

French HQ       halt with 6 corps                               
6 corps            halt on hold                                      
12 corps          halt on hold                                      
18 corps          halt on hold                                     

24 corps          move to G03 on engage         
Table at start of wargame

Spanish Brigades        15 infantry      3 cavalry         4 artillery
French Brigades          12 infantry      4 cavalry         3 artillery

Spanish HQ     on table at start
1 corps            arrive E03 move 2
2 corps            on table at start
3 corps            arrive E05 move 1     
5 corps            on table at stat
9 guerrilla       on table at start as part of 2 corps

French HQ       arrive G03 move 3
6 corps            arrive G03 move 5
12 corps          start on table
18 corps          start on table

Move 1 – 0800 to 0900
Both armies advance and start to deploy

Move 2 – 0900 to 1000
Both armies continue to advance and deploy
French artillery unlimber

Move 3 – 1000 to 1100
French complete deployment, artillery fire on gunners
Marshal Suchet arrives and orders French to hold their position
2nd Spanish ordered to hold their position
Remainder of Spanish continue to advance
Move 4 – 1100 to 1200
Guerrillas enter farm
French artillery continue to fire on Spanish gunners
Spanish continue to advance
5th British ordered to engage enemy

Move 5 – 1200 to 1300
6th French corps arrives on table
Spanish continue to advance and deploy

Move 6 – 1300 to 1400
6th French corps send out  cavalry screen and start to deploy
French artillery continue to fire, but no casualties
1st Spanish and 5th British corps advance on Engage orders
Move 7 – 1400 to 1500
6th French lancers charge 1st Spanish dragoons, draw both disorganised
6th and 12th French corps advance on Engage orders
British artillery fire on French infantry, 10% casualties and rout
5th British dragoons charge 6th French dragoons, lose and retire Shaken with 10% casualties
Move 8 – 1500 to 1600
6th French dragoons charge and rout shaken British dragoons
12th Polish lancers charge and rout British infantry with 30% casualties
Rout spreads to rest of British corps
British corps routs
Three British infantry brigades rout
British and Spanish cavalry brigade rout
British and Spanish gunners rout
Giron orders Spanish Army to retreat

Game Casualties
French lose 400 infantry
Spanish lose  1,200 infantry, 300 cavalry and 60 guns

Game Summary
At the start of the battle the Spanish Army outnumbers the French two to one
They advance to attack the French open left flank, unaware that 6th corps is moving to fill it
The arrival of 6th French corps creates some confusion amongst the Spanish troops
Just after midday Suchet orders his Army to move forward and engage the Spanish
The French cavalry advance and break the weak British and Spanish cavalry
The French cavalry follow up and charge the British infantry, who also rout
The panic quickly spreads and soon the whole of the British corps is in rout
The Spanish CinC accepts defeat and orders his Army to break contact and retreat

Total casualties, including from earlier battles, at the end of this battle
Allied  1,500 casualties and five brigades in rout
French 400 casualties and one brigade shaken