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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Campaign Objectives

allied plan of attack

The Allied Plan of Attack

The allied commanders agreed on a six prong attack on mainland France.

The Prussian, Russian and Austrian armies would concentrate along the east bank of the river Rhine.   The Bavarian army would concentrate in Switzerland.  The Anglo-Portuguese and Spanish armies would concentrate in the Pyrenees.

On the map above the yellow circles are the initial concentration areas
The white circles are the first objectives
The white circle in the centre is Paris

initial campaign areas

Initial Campaign Areas

This map shows the six campaign areas outlined in white, and the French and allied armies in each area.

The Brussels area is held by Marshal Macdonald and the First French Army
Prince Blucher has concentrated the Prussian Army between Krefeld and Bonn

The Luxembourg area is held by Marshal Victor with the Second French Army
General Sacken has concentrated the Russian Army between Boppard and Heidelberg

The Nancy area is held by Marshal Mortier and the Third French Army
Prince Schwartzenberg has concentrated the Austrian Army between Karlsruhe and Freiburg

The Besancon area is held by Marshal Marmont and the Fourth French Army
General Wrede has deployed the newly formed Bavarian Army on the Swiss border

The South West is held by Marshal Soult and the Fifth French Army
Lord Wellington has concentrated his Anglo-Portuguese Army just south of the Bayonne

The South East is held by Marshal Suchet and the Sixth French Army
General Giron commands the Spanish Army just south of  Perpignan

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