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Thursday, July 18, 2013

3rd March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Strategic Map
First French Army are defeated and the Prussians occupy Neuss
Fourth French Army attack the Bavarians at St Imier and force them to retreat 

First French and Prussian Army
1st Prussian corps  attack 3rd French at Neuss
Prussians lose the battle and retreat towards Dusseldorf
French lose 100 gunners
Prussians lose 800 infantry and 100 cavalry
 Second French and Russian Army
Russian cavalry have now crossed  the River Rhine at Mannheim and extended the cavalry screen.

Third French and Austrian Army
1st Austrian corps pursue 11th French towards Molsheim
3rd Austrian corps cross the river Rhine and occupy Benfield

Fourth French and Bavarian Army
12th and 16th French corps attack 2nd Bavarian corps at St Imier
French win and Bavarians retreat towards Briene
French receive no casualties
Bavarians lose 800 infantry

Fifth French and British Army
Wellington moves his army over the border into France
Makes contact with the French army between St Jean and Cambo

Sixth French and Spanish Army
2nd Spanish corps moves up to support the cavalry and make contact with 26th French corps at Le Boulou

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