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Monday, August 19, 2013

6th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Strategic Map
Marshal Marmont attacks General Wrede at Atkirch, the Bavarian's win and hold the town

First French and Prussian Army
2nd Prussian corps has retreated leaving a cavalry screen south of Dusseldorf
3rd and 4th Prussian corps have taken Elsdorf
13th French corps have retreated towards Geilenkirchen
3rd French corps moving south to support 13th corps

Second French and Russian Army
French retreat north following defeat at Kaiserlautern

Third French and Austrian Army
Both armies concentrate at Strasbourg

Fourth French and BavarianArmy
Four French corps attack two Bavarian corps at Atkirch
The Bavarians are reinforced and win the battle
French lose 12400 infantry and 300 cavalry plus 200 gunners
Bavarians lose 8800 infantry and 500 cavalry plus 300 gunners

Fifth French and British Army
Both armies break contact to rest and resupply
4th British and 25th French corps are still in contact at St Jean

Sixth French and  Spanish Army
French withdraw north to Baixas and Perpignan, leaving cavalry screen to observe 3rd Spanish at Arles.

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