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Thursday, August 1, 2013

4th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Strategic Map
Wellington defeats Soult at St Jean and the French retreat towards Bayonne
First French and Prussian Army
Prussians cross the river Rhine again south of Dusseldorf
Their cavalry have also entered Elsdorf
The French continue to hold Neuss
They have also sent cavalry to monitor Elsdorf
Second French and Russian Army
10th French corps have occupied Oppenheim.
Third French and Austrian Army
1st Austrian corps halt when they sight 11th and 23rd French corps
15th French corps advance towards Benfield
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
French concentrate to attack Atkirch
Fifth French and British Army
1st British corps attack St Jean
British take the town and French retreat towards Bayonne
French lose 2000 infantry and 200 cavalry
British lose 1200 infantry
Sixth French and Spanish Army
Three Spanish corps attack two French corps at Le Boulou
Spanish win, French are lucky to escape back towards Perpignan
Spanish lose 400 infantry
French have no casualties

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