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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

8th March 1814 - Start of Montbelliard Phase - Bavarian

Bescanon Campaign Area
Fourth French Army is commanded by Marshal Marmont
Bavarian Army is commanded by General Wrede
Each Army has 64,000 infantry, 4,000 cavalry and 120 guns

Montbelliard Campaign Area
The Montbelliard Phase is the second part of the Brussels Campaign
The objective is to take and hold the town of Montbelliard

History of Bescanon Campaign Area
1st March 1814            Start of Atkirch campaign                                         label 41
3rd March 1814           French victory at battle of St Imer                            label 41
6th March 1814           Bavarian victory at battle of Atkirch                         label 41
7th March 1814           Campaign ended in Bavarian victory                         label 41
8th March 1814           Start of Montbelliard campaign                              label 42

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