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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Soult defeats Wellington at St Jean and force the British to retire to Roncesvalles
First French and Prussian Army
The Prussians have taken Mongladbach
The French have taken Geilenkirchen 
Second French and Russian Army
Both armies have broken contact to rest and recover
The Russians still hold Oppenheim and the French are regrouping
Third French and Austrian Army
Neither side is in contact on the second day of the Molsheim campaign
 Fourth French and Bavarian Army
12th French corps drive 2nd Bavarian corps out of Montbelliard
3rd Bavarian corps approach St Imier
 Fifth French and British Army
Three French corps attack two British corps at St Jean
French win battle and British retreat towards Roncesvalles
French lose 1200 infantry and 200 cavalry plus 100 gunners
British lose 2000 infantry and 100 cavalry
 Sixth French and Spanish Army
1st and 2nd Spanish corps move north to observe the French between Baixas and Perpignan

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