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Sunday, November 10, 2013

12th March 1814 - Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Wrede defeats Marmont at Montebelliard
French victory over British in the Irun phase of the campaign

First French and Prussian Army
Prussians hold Mongladbach
French manoeuvre to cross river Mass
Second French and Russian Army
The Russians have crossed the river Rhine and taken Oppenheim
The French are concentrating to oppose them
Third French and Austrian Army
Both armies are deployed over a wide area
The Austrians have occupied Molsheim, the campaign objective
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Bavarian’s attacked, and defeated, the French at Montbelliard
All corps of both armies were involved in the battle
French lost 9,600 infantry, 500 cavalry and 400 gunners
Bavarians lost 3,200 infantry and 300 cavalry
Fifth French and British Army
French occupy Irun
The British army is divided in two and concede defeat
This signals the end of Irun campaign
Sixth French and Spanish Army
Corps deployment is shown at the start of the Figueras campaign

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