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Friday, November 22, 2013

13th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Schwarzenberg is defeated when he attacks Mortier at Saverne
Fifth French and British start San Sebastian phase of the campaign
Bavarians beat French in Montebelliard phase of the campaign

First French and Prussian Army
Both armies concentrate at Mongladbach
Second French and Russian Army
Both armies concentrate at Oppenheim

Third French and Austrian Army
Two Austrian corps attacked two French corps at Saverne
French win, Austrians retreat towards Hagenbach and Molsheim
French lose 1200 infantry, 100 cavalry, 100 gunners and 3 guns
Austrians lose 5300 infantry and 100 cavalry
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Following the Bavarian victory at Montebelliard Marmont conceded defeat
He ordered Fourth French Army to retreat to Clerval to rest and regroup
Fifth French and British Army
Corps deployment at the start of the San Sebastian phase
Sixth French and Spanish Army
The French have moved south and made contact with the Spanish

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