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Friday, February 14, 2014

16th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
French corps forced to surrender when surrounded at Mongladbach 
Fifth French and British start Leitza phase of the campaign
First French and Prussian Army
Four Prussian attack three French corps at the third Battle of Mongladbach
The French are surrounded with the river at their back and forced to surrender
French lose 7200 infantry, 100 cavalry and 87 guns
Prussians lost 4800 infantry and 400 cavalry.
Second French and Russian Army
Following the Russian victory at Oppenheim Victor ordered his army to retreat towards Bad Kreuznach.   Sacken was content to hold Oppenheim and allow the French to retreat unmolested.
Third French and Austrian Army
As a result of the Austrian victory at Saverne, Marmont ordered his army to retreat  towards  Cirey.   Schwartzenberg ordered his army to concentrate at Molsheim to rest and recover.
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Bavarians spend the day resting and recovering from the battle of Clerval
French retreat towards Rougemont in disorder

Fifth French and British Army
The French have opened the campaign with a rapid march south to take the town of Santgesteban.   The Guerrilla band of El Medica retreated west to join the Spanish garrison at Leitza, hotly pursued by 5th French corps
Sixth French and Spanish Army
Following his defeat at the battle of Figueras, General Friere ordered his army to retreat south towards Gerona.   Marshal Soult ordered his army to halt at Figueras to rest and recover stragglers.

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