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Saturday, March 15, 2014

20th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Victor holds Oberstein with three corps against four Russian corps 
First French and Prussian Army
The Prussians have occupied Roermond, which is the campaign objective
They are now waiting for the French reaction
The two armies are in contact in the north at Roermond and south at Heerlen
Second French and Russian Army
Four Russian corps attack three French corps at Oberstein
The French hold the town and the Russians retreat east.
Casualties are light, just  800 French and 500 Russian 

Third French and Austrian Army
The French have retreated after the battle of Cirey
The Austrians have occupied Cirey
There is no contact between the two armies

Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Both armies deploy cavalry to recce
Two brigades clash between Clerval and Ronchamp
The result is a draw, both withdraw
French cavalry suffer casualties from Bavarian artillery at Le Russey
Fifth French and British Army
Both armies have spent the day resting, resupplying and rallying
5th Spanish corps has moved towards Santesteban and spotted 23rd French corps
Sixth French and Spanish Army
The French continue to march south, and have taken Gerona
Only 2nd Spanish corps at Angles is in contact with the French
The Spanish have good information about the French deployment
The French have no knowledge of the Spanish positions at all

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