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Sunday, April 13, 2014

23rd March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Victor defeated Sacken in a surprise attack at Oberstein
Wellington accepts defeat in the San Sebastian phase of the campaign

First French and Prussian Army
French resupply three corps
Two French corps were not concentrated and could not resupply
All five Prussian corps advance towards Hechtel on attack orders
Second French and Russian Army
The French attack was a complete surprise
The Russians were resting and resupplying
The Russians lost the battle and retreated towards Oppenheim
Russians lost 6,100 casualties and three brigades in rout
French suffered 5,000 casualties and four brigades in rout 
Third French and Austrian Army
French have recovered most of their battle casualties and have redeployed
Austrian supply system is in disorder, three of their corps have lost casualties to attrition
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Both armies redeploy and resupply
Fifth French and British Army
Following the French victory at San Sebastian, Wellington conceded defeat
He ordered the allied army to retreat to Tolosa, pursued by Marshal Soult
Sixth French and Spanish Army
Spanish retreat and abandon six days supplies in the depot at Arens
Three of the five French corps have run out of supplies and are losing men to attrition

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