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Thursday, May 8, 2014

26th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Diary
Fourth French concede defeat and Bavarians win the Clerval phase of the campaign

First French and Prussian Army
Both armies rest, reorganise and resupply
Second French and Russian Army
Both Armies halt, resupply and regroup
French close depot at Simmern
Third French and Austrian Army
The Austrian Army has retreated to Molsheim to rally and reorganise
The French have move forward and occupied Cirey
They captured the Austrian depot together with five days supplies
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Bavarians follow up their recent victory
They take Rougemont and the French depot there
The French are forced to continue their retreat
Marshal Marmont accepts defeat

Fifth French and British Army
French concentrate at Tolosa
British are still widely spread between Mondragon and Issau
23 corps moves forward, causing 1 corps to retreat to Mondragon

Sixth French and Spanish Army
French lose one days supplies when guerrillas cut road between Figueras and Gerona.   However the guerrillas suffer 20% casualties and scatter when attacked by 30th corps.
French advance towards Vic.

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