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Monday, July 28, 2014

1st April 1814 – Battle of Oberstein

Oberstein Campaign area

Russian have orders to attack
French have orders to halt and resupply

Russian             43,200 infantry            4000 cavalry                  120 guns
French               47,600 infantry            3000 cavalry                  90 guns

Russian HQ     move to C05
1 corps              move to C05
2 corps              move to C04 on attack
3 corps              move to C06
4 corps              move to C05 on attack

French HQ       no orders
2 corps              rest and resupply
8 corps              move to C05
14 corps            halt on hold
20 corps            halt on hold

Table at start of wargame

Russian Brigades        11 infantry      4 cavalry           4 artillery
French Brigades          12 infantry      3 cavalry           3 artillery

Russian HQ                    start in E05                   
1 corps                             E05 move 1                                   1 brigade detached
2 corps                             start in E05                                   1 brigade too many casualties
3 corps                             start in E06                                   1 brigade detached
4 corps                             move to C05                                 2 brigades detached

French HQ                      start in C05                   
2 corps                             not involved                                 due to detachments and casualties
8 corps                             start in C04                   
14 corps                           start in C06
20 corps                           start in C05

Move 1 – 0800 to 0900
Russians advance in column of march
2 Russian spotted and replace blind with figures
8 French deploy to enable artillery to fire
2 Russian ordered to engage hill

Move 2 – 0900 to 1000
8 French artillery fire on cavalry, no hits
8 French cavalry withdraw
2 Russian deploy in woods
3 and 4 Russian replace blinds with figures
3 Russian cavalry force 14 French to place figures on table to fire

Move 3 – 1000 to 1100
8 French cavalry charge cuirassiers, Russians lose melee and retire shaken
14 French artillery hit gunners, 10% casualties, pass morale test

Move 4 – 1100 to 1200
All blinds have been spotted and replaced with figures
14 French artillery hit gunners again, 20% casualties, pass morale test
Only artillery are within range
Russian gunners manhandle their guns forward

Move 5 – 1200 to 1300
Russian cavalry advance to threaten French gunners
8 French artillery hit infantry, 10% casualties, pass morale test
2 Russian artillery hit gunners, 10% casualties, pass morale test

Move 6 – 1300 to 1400
Russian CinC orders a general advance
Russian infantry approach hills behind their cavalry
French infantry move forward to line crest of hills
20 French artillery hit cavalry, 10% casualties, pass morale test
8 French artillery miss cavalry and forced to withdraw from crest

Move 7 – 1400 to 1500
2 Russian ordered to storm ridge
8 French infantry disordered when Russian infantry approach crest of hill
14 French win skirmish, enemy 10% casualties pass morale test
4 Russian cavalry rout infantry with 30% casualties

Move 8 – 1500 to 1600
2 Russian infantry storm ridge, win two melee lose one melee
8 French artillery retreat, one brigade rout and one shaken
2 Russian infantry one brigade shaken
14 French infantry win skirmish, enemy 20% casualties but pass morale test
20 French cavalry rout infantry with 30% casualties
4 Russian infantry route square with 10% casualties

Move 9 – 1600 to 1700
3 Russian infantry lose skirmish, 20% casualties, and rout
3 Russian cavalry lose melee, 20% casualties, and rout
3 Russian artillery hit infantry, 10% casualties, pass morale test
1 Russian Cossacks win melee with chasseurs, 20% casualties and shaken
1 Russian shaken infantry fail morale and rout
2 Russian artillery hit infantry, 10% casualties, shaken
2 Russian infantry win skirmish, 20% casualties, pass morale test
20 French win skirmish, 10% casualties, pass morale test

Move 10 – 1700 to 1800
14 French shaken infantry fail morale test and rout
1 Russian shaken cossacks fail morale test and rout, joined by nearby infantry
2 Russian shaken infantry fail morale and rout, joined by nearby gunners

Both commanders call a draw and withdraw

Game Casualties
French lose 6000 infantry, 400 cavalry and 100 gunners
Russians lose 5200 infantry and  600 cavalry  

Game Summary

The entire French army was deployed behind the ridge of a line of hills
Only their artillery were visible to the approaching Russian Army
The Russian artillery was stronger than the French, but less effective.
The Russians were also stronger in cavalry, but weaker in infantry
So preparation before an assault on the hills was important
Despite an insufficient preparation the Russian commander ordered an attack
The French cavalry protected their gunners from the Russian horsemen
The infantry suffered heavy casualties as they approached the crest
A number of French brigades suffered loss of morale as the enemy neared the crest
The Russians won the battle for the southern hills
The French won on the northern hills
Both sides suffered heavy casualties, neither side could claim a victory
At nightfall both commanders withdrew to consider their options.

Total casualties, including from earlier battles,  at the end of the battle
French  8,300 casualties 6 brigades in rout
Russians 9,100 casualties11 brigades in rout

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