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Monday, August 4, 2014

1st April 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
First French and Prussians halt and resupply
Russians attack Second French at Oberstein, result is a draw
Third French retreat and Austrians win Cirey campaign
Bavarians win an encounter battle at Rougemont
Fifth French and British draw at Savaltiere
Sixth French defeat Spanish at Olot
First French and Prussian Army
Both armies halt and resupply
7 French corps occupy Heerlen
4 Prussian corps establish depot at Geilenkirchen
Second French and Russian Army
Russians attack French at Oberstein
Russian have 43,200 infantry, 4000 cavalry and 120 guns
French have 47,600 infantry, 3000 cavalry and 90  guns
Result is a draw, both armies withdraw at nightfall
Third French and Austrian Army
End of Cirey campaign
French accept defeat, abandon Blamont and retreat west
Austrians occupy Cirey and advance towards Blamont
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Both armies attack at Rougemont
Bavarians have 59,200 infantry, 4000 cavalry and120 guns
French have 55,200 infantry, 4000 cavalry and 120 guns
French lose and retreat to Besancon
Fifth French and British Army
French attack British at Savaltiere
British have 40,000 infantry, 3000 cavalry and 90 guns
French have 44.000 infantry, 2900 cavalry and 90 guns
The result is a draw and both sides withdraw
Sixth French and Spanish Army
French corps attack Spanish at Olot
Spanish 52,200 infantry, 2000 cavalry and 120 guns
French 40,000 infantry, 3000 cavalryand 90 guns
French win, Spanish retreat towards Ripoll

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