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Friday, November 21, 2014

12th April 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
1 French victory at Hasselt
2 French fight three cavalry skirmish
3 French victory at Luneville
4 French redeploy, Bavarians resupply
5 French and British rest  and resupply
6 French resupply, Spanish advance

First French and Prussian Army
Encounter battle at Hasselt
Prussian - 21600 infantry, 1900 cavalry and 60 guns
French     - 19200 infantry, 2000 cavalry and 60 guns
French victory

Second French and Russian Army
Three cavalry skirmish as Russians retreat

Third French and Austrian Army
French attack Austrians at Luneville
Austrian - 15600 infantry, 1000 cavalry and 30 guns
French - 10800 infantry, 1000 cavalry and 30 guns
French victory

Fourth French and Bavarian Army
French redeploy, Bavarians resupply

Fifth French and British Army
Both armies rest and resupply

Sixth French and Spanish Army
Spanish advance, French resupply

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