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Thursday, July 4, 2013

1st March 1814 - Campaign Diary

Northern France

Napoleon has deployed three armies to hold the river Rhine from Dusseldorf to Strasbourg.   A fourth army is posted to hold the Swiss border.   The Imperial Guard is held in reserve in Paris.

The allied armies of Prussia, Russia and Austria have concentrated just east of the river and cut all communication with France.   The Bavarian army has concentrated at Basel.

Patrols along the east bank of the river have confirmed that the west bank is only lightly held.   The French have deployed further to the west with the intention of counter attacking as the allied armies cross the river.

The allied armies move to the river and secure the bridges at Dusseldorf, Darmstadt and Strasbourg.

Southern France

It is almost three months since Wellington drove the French armies from Spain.   His Anglo-Allied army has taken the Pyrenees, but halted at the French border. Their advance into France will be coordinated with the major allied attack in the north.   Marshal Soult has deployed his army to hold the approaches to Bayonne.

The withdrawal of 5th French army has forced Marshal Suchet to abandon Barcelona and retreat to Perpignan.   The Spanish army have followed him at a distance, and halted at the border when it became clear that he was prepared to fight to hold the border.

Now the time of waiting is at an end.   Both Wellington and Giron send patrols forward to make contact with the French

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