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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2nd March 1814 - Campaign Diary

Strategic Map
The campaign opens with a general advance of all six allied armies
The Austrian Army win the first battle at Strasbourg

First French and Prussian Army
Prussians cross the river Rhine and approach Neuss.
French deploy east of Mongladbach to hold Neuss

Second French and Russian Army
Russian cavalry have crossed the river Rhine at Frankfurt and Darmstadt and are in contact with French cavalry.

Third French and Austrian Army
Austrians win battle of Strasbourg
1st Austrian corps is ordered to attack the city without a full recce
They are not aware that it is held by 5th French corps.
French lose 400 infantry and 100 cavalry
Austrians lose 400 infantry

Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Bavarians enter Atkirch and St Imier

Fifth French and British Army
1st and 4th British corps advance through the Pyrenees and make contact with the French at St Jean.

Sixth French and Spanish Army
Spanish cavalry cross the border and make contact with 20th French corps at Le Boulou

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