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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

 Strategic Map
Wellington and Soult fight a dual battle at Cambo and St Jean
The French win at St Jean and the British at Cambo
Marshal Victor is defeated by General Sacken at Kaiserlautern
First French and Prussian Army
Contact between the two armies only at Neuss and Elsdorf

Second French and Russian Army
Russians win battle of Kaiserlautern
22nd French and 1st Russian corps both have orders to advance and attack
French lose 3200 infantry and 100 cavalry
Russians lose 1200 infantry
Third French and Austrian Army
Both armies break contact in the north
15th French corps observes 3rd Austrian corps at Benfield
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Both armies rest and resupply
Fifth French and British Army
French win battle of St Jean
British win battle of Cambo
Sixth French and Spanish Army
3rd Spanish corps enters Arles, observed by French cavalry
20th French maintain contact with 1st Spanish  as they garrison Le Bouilou

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