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Friday, December 27, 2013

14th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Macdonald and Blucher fight battles at Geilenkirchen and Mongladbach
Prussians win at Geilenkirchen, French win at Mongladbach
Victor is defeated when he attacks Sacken at OppenheimFourth French and Bavarian start the Clerval phse of the campaign
Wellington is defeated when he is attacked by Soult at Irun

First French and Prussian Army
Two battles were fought today

Two Prussian attack one French corps at Geilenkirchen
Prussians win, French retreat towards Heerlen
3rd Prussian lost 400 infantry, 13th Polish lost 100 gunners

Three French attack two Prussian corps at Mongladbach
French win, Prussians retreat towards Neuss
French lose 800 infantry and 100 gunners
Prussians lose 2000 infantry and 200 gunners
Second French and Russian Army
Four French corps attack four Russian corps at Oppenheim
Russians win, French retreat towards Bad Kreuznach
French lose 6400 infantry and 300 cavalry, and have five brigades in rout
Russians lose 5600 infantry, 100 cavalry, 100 gunners and three guns
Third French and Austrian Army
Austrians rest and recover
French concentrate at Molsheim
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
Deployment at the start of the Clerval campaign
Fifth French and British Army
Four French corps attack two British corps at Irun
There are a further three allied corps within supporting distance
French win, Allies retreat towards San Sebastian
Allies lose 7200 infantry and 200 cavalry and abandon 60 guns
French lose 2000 infantry
Sixth French and Spanish Army
Both armies concentrate at Figueras

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