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Saturday, January 11, 2014

15th March 1814 - Battle of Figueras

Figueras Campaign Area

8 French               move to F05 and attach enemy                                  start on table
18 Italian             move to H05 in support of 8 corps                            arrive start move 1
20 French            move to G05 attack in support of 8 corps                  start on table
26 French            remain in place, cavalry recce south                         not involved
27 French            move to H06 and support 18 corps                           arrive start move 5

1 Spanish             move to G04 on engage                                              arrive start move 1
2 Spanish             move to G05 on engage                                              start on table
3 Spanish             move to E04 on observe                                             arrive start move 5
4 Spanish             hold in E05                                                                 not involved
5 Spanish             move to H04 on engage                                              arrive start move 1

French                                     Spanish                      
Infantry - 52000                      infantry – 52000
cavalry - 3000                          cavalry - 2000 
guns - 120                               guns - 120

1200 French and Spanish infantry are missing on garrison duty
Table at start of wargame
8th French corps is moving through Figueras
20th French corps is marching towards Figueras
All French reinforcements will arrive on road top right
2nd Spanish corps is moving through pass towards Figueras
1st, 3rd and 5th Spanish corps will arrive as shown
Move 1 – 0800 to 0900
18th French-arrive and move towards farm
Spanish cinc-change 1st corps orders to Engage
5th Spanish-arrive and move towards town
1st Spanish-arrive and move towards 2nd corps
20th French-move to gap between town and farm
2nd Spanish-deploy to hold pass
French cinc-change 8th corps orders to Engage south of town
8th French-deploy south of town
Move 2 – 0900 to 1000
Spanish cinc-change 2nd corps orders to Hold
5th Spanish-artillery unlimber
8th French-artillery hit infantry, who fail morale and are shaken
French cinc-move to join 18th corps
2nd Spanish-deploy to hold pass
20th French-advance between town and farm
1st Spanish-move to join 2nd corps
18th French-move towards farm
Move 3 – 1000 to 1100
French cinc-change 18th corps orders to Engage
20th French-artillery miss gunners, corps advance
18th French-corps advance towards 2nd Spanish
8th French-artillery hit square, who fail morale and rout, corps advance
2nd Spanish-infantry deploy on hill facing north
1st Spanish-artillery miss infantry, corps deploy facing town
5th Spanish-artillery miss infantry, infantry brigade fail morale and rout
Spanish cinc-change 1st corps orders to Hold
Move 4 – 1100 to 1200
French cinc-move to meet 27th corps
5th Spanish-artillery miss infantry
20th French-artillery miss infantry, corps advance between town and farm
1st Spanish-artillery miss cavalry, infantry form square
8th French-artillery miss infantry, corps advance towards 5th Spanish
2nd Spanish-artillery miss cavalry, change orders to Halt
18th French-artillery unlimber, corps advance towards 2nd Spanish
Spanish cinc-change 2nd corps orders to Hold
Move 5 – 1200 to 1300
20th French-artillery miss square, corps advance towards 2nd Spanish
8th French-artillery hit infantry, infantry win skirmish fight
1st Spanish-artillery hit hussars, dragoons lose cavalry melee and retreat shaken
French cinc-order 27th corps to advance and support 20th corps
2nd Spanish-artillery miss infantry, lancers win melee French dragoons retire Shaken
18th French-artillery miss infantry, corps advance to engage 2nd Spanish
5th Spanish-artillery hit infantry, shaken infantry brigade rallies
27th French-arrive and move towards 20th corps
Spanish cinc-orders 3rd corps to move towards right flank (broken ground)
3rd Spanish-arrive and move towards right flank
Opportunity Charge
Spanish lancers declare charge on flank of shaken French lancers
French unable to react and are cut down
See Wargame Rule 06 for details of Opportunity Charge
Move 6 – 1300 to 1400
1st Spanish-artillery hit lancers who are Shaken, dragoons rally
8th French-lancers cut down by Spanish lancers.   Infantry win skirmish.  Shaken infantry rout
18th French-artillery miss infantry, corps advance towards 2nd Spanish
Spanish cinc-no orders
2nd Spanish-artillery miss infantry
3rd Spanish-continue to advance towards right flank
27th French-continue to advance to support 20th corps
20th French-infantry lose skirmish, dragoons fail morale and rout
5th Spanish-artillery hit infantry, infantry lose morale and rout, gunners shaken

Note.   5th Spanish are about to break, but have held their own for six moves against 8th French, who are double their strength.
Cavalry charge shaken square
Spanish square have survived firefight with French infantry in column, both are disordered
French artillery hit square and cause 10% casualties, Spanish lose morale and are shaken
French hussars charge, and break, square who suffer 30% casualties and rout
They rout into gunners, who fail their morale and join rout
Both then rout into right hand Spanish infantry in line, who also fail morale and join rout.
Hussars lose morale to rally, pursue routed infantry and cause a further 10% casualties

Spanish retreat
The success of the French hussar charge broke the spirit of 2nd Spanish corps.   The rout spread and soon a second infantry brigade broke and the gunners abandoned their guns and  joined the rout.      

5th Spanish corps was already in retreat.  

General Giron ordered the remainder of his army to break contact and retreat before the advancing French could pin them

Game Casualties
Spanish lose  4400 infantry , 300 cavalry and 30 guns
French lose 2000 infantry and 400 cavalry

Game Summary

It was a bad Spanish decision to offer battle against equal numbers of French in an encounter battle where they had no terrain advantage.

Despite this they did well to hold their own for the first six hours of the battle.

However once the French were concentrated, and ready to attack, the outcome was never in doubt.   It was a lucky French cavalry charge which caused the actual rout, but this was an advantage to the Spanish.   Had they fought until nightfall they would have lost considerably more casualties.

Total casualties at the end of this battle
Spanish 4500 casualties and five brigades in rout
French 2400 casualties and three brigades in rout

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