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Thursday, March 6, 2014

19th March 1814 – Battle of Bad Kreuznach

Bad Kreuznach Campaign Area

Russians attack with five corps
French attack with two corps

1 Russian        move to E05 on attack          
2 Russian        move to E04 on attack          
3 Russian        move to E06 on attack
4 Russian        move to F04 on attack          
5 Austrian       move to F05 on attack          

2 French           move to E05 and hold.   cavalry recce F05
8 French          move to D04 on attack         
26 French        halt and resupply

French                                     Russian                      
Infantry - 16000                      infantry – 60000
cavalry - 2000                          cavalry - 4000 
guns - 60                                 guns -120

4000 Russian infantry are absent on garrison duty

Map at 0800

All five Russian corps have orders to attack Bad Kreuznach
At first light they move forward to do so

There are three French corps within reach of the battlefield
2nd and 8th have orders to attack Bad Kreuznach
26th corps have orders to halt and resupply
By the time they realise there is a battle taking place it will be too late to  “march to the sound of the guns”
Map at 1200

By mid morning Marshal Victor is aware that he is facing three Russian corps. 
He orders his two corps to halt and deploy whilst he considers his options
He could retreat to Oberstein and join 26 corps there
Or he could hold his ground and order 26 corps to move forward and join him

Sacken orders his three corps to deploy as soon as he sights the French
4 and 5 corps are still hidden from the French by the mountains

Sacken sends orders to 4 and 5 corps to join him on the battlefield without delay
He also orders his artillery to open fire on the French
The French artillery return fire
The French lose 2000 casualties in this exchange
The Russians lose 800 casualties

Map at 1600
By now Marshal Victor is aware that he is facing the whole Russian army.
He orders his two corps to break contact and retreat towards Oberstein
Sacken is content that he has taken his campaign objective
He has done so with little loss, and has won a minor victory

Map at 2000
By nightfall Marshal Victor has united his three corps at Oberstein.
General Sacken had halted his army at Bad Kreuznach

Game Casualties
French lose 2000 infantry
Russians lose 800 infantry

Game Summary
The French were not aware of the odds against them when they decided to fight.
As soon as they realised the odds against them they broke contact and retreated.

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