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Thursday, March 20, 2014

21st March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Two Bavarian corps attacked one French corps and took the town of Ronchamp 

First French and Prussian Army
French cross river Maas in the south and enter Geilenkirchen
4 Prussian corps abandons Geilenkirchen and moved north to Mongladbach
Prussian Army move west and concentrate at Roermond
Both armies are running low on supplies
Some Prussian corps are out of supply range of their main depot
Second French and Russian Army
French Army rest, resupply and reorganise after battle
Russian Army retreat and concentrate at Bad Kreuznach
The Russians now need time to reorganise and resupply
Third French and Austrian Army
French Army halt and resupply
15th and 21st corps unable to resupply due to cavalry recce
Austrian cavalry deploy to recce
Lose casualties to French artillery in C05 and retreat
Complete recce in C04 despite French artillery, who do not cause any casualties
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
2nd and 4th Bavarian corps attacked 16th French corps at Ronchamp
The Bavarians took the town, and the road to Lure
The French were forced to retreat north into the mountains
Light casualties, just 2400 French and 2000 Bavarian infantry
Fifth French and British Army
All four British corps are out of supply and suffer attrition as a result
They are forced to retreat towards supply depots
The French have rested, resupplied and received reinforcements
They have also abandoned their depot at Santesteban
As soon as 23rd corps march north the guerrillas enter the town 
Sixth French and Spanish Army
The French have moved south to take Gerona and Hostalrich
They have left their main depot undefended except for one infantry brigade
The Spanish rest and resupply
Guerrillas capture orders for 24 French corps
Mayor of Figueras sends message to Giron about lack of garrison

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