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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

22nd March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Despite the element of surprise Giron is defeated by Suchet at the battle of Girona 
Wellington is also surprised by Soult at San Sebastian and suffers a heavy defeat

First French and Prussian Army
Prussians halt and resupply
French abandon Geilenkirchen and concentrate between Hechtel and Maastricht
French establish a new supply depot at Hechtel
Second French and Russian Army
Russians redeploy in and east of Bad Kreuznach
French send 14 and 20 corps north towards Bingen
Third French and Austrian Army
French are resting, resupplying and waiting for reinforcements
Austrians are running low on supplies
They have established a new depot at Cirey, but that can only supply two corps
Fourth French and Bavarian Army
2 and 4 Bavarian corps occupy Ronchamp
16 French corps retreats into mountains
French cavalry recce Clerval, come under fire but complete recce
Fifth French and British Army
Wellington is not prepared for this battle
He is redeploying and resupplying  his army when the French attack
They outnumber him by 56,000 to 31,000 and inflict a decisive defeat on him.
He  accepts defeat and orders his Army to retreat to Tolosa 
Sixth French and Spanish Army
The French were not expecting an attack today
They had orders to rest and resupply
Instead they were forced to fight when attacked by five Spanish corps
The French lost 400 and the Spanish 1,500
Despite the light casualties the Spanish broke and ran

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