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Friday, April 18, 2014

24th March 1814 – Campaign Diary

Campaign Map
Blucher defeats Macdonald at Hechtel
Third French and Austrian armies both reduce to four corps due to battle casualties
Both Sixth French and Spanish armies suffering heavy attrition casualties

First French and Prussian Army
Blucher won the main battle between Roermond and Hechtel
The French lost 4,500 and the Prussians 2,400.
The French retreated towards Hechtel
To the south 7th French corps defeated 2nd Prussian corps
The Prussians lost 1,200 and the French 400

Second French and Russian Army
Both Armies regroup after the battle of Bad Kreuznach
4th and 5th Russian corps have combined to form a larger 4th corps
Two Russian corps have run out of supplies and suffer attrition casualties
2nd French corps capture 10 days supplies when they occupy the town
Third French and Austrian Army
4th and 5th Austrian corps have combined for form a larger 4th corps
21st and 27th French corps have combined for form a larger 21st corps
Three Austrian corps out of supply and lose casualties to attrition
Fourth French and Bavarian Army

Both armies halt, resupply and reorganise

Fifth French and British Army
British move east and occupy Tolosa, Issau and Estella
French move north and advance towards Tolosa
Sixth French and Spanish Army

6 days supply were left in Arens when the Spanish retreated

French failed to garrison town and lost them all to local theft

Both armies have spent the day resting, resupplying and reinforcing
The Spanish have lost 800 men to attrition
The French have lost 1200 men to attrition

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