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Monday, April 21, 2014

25th March 1814 – Battle of Tolosa

Tolosa Campaign Area

French attack with three corps
British defend with two corps
5 French          move to E09 on engage
11 French        move to F09 on engage        
23 French        move to F08 on engage

1 British          halt on hold and establish supply depot    
2 British          move to E07 on hold
6 guerrilla       move to G08

French                                     British            
Infantry - 44000                      infantry – 24000
cavalry - 3000                          cavalry - 2000 
guns - 90                                 guns -60

8000 British infantry are absent on garrison duty

Map at 0800
All three French corps have orders to attack Tolosa
At first light 5th and 23rd French corps advance
Map at 1200
1st British corps is heavily outnumbered in the initial fighting.
The lose 1200 casualties to 400 French casualties
General Stewart orders them to retreat towards Mondragon
2nd corps moves to support  them, but is too far away to make a difference
The guerrilla band retreat as soon as the fighting starts
Map at 1600
1st British continue to retreat towards Mondragon
2nd British retreat to Issau
French occupy Tolosa 
Map at 2000
By nightfall the French have concentrated their three corps at Tolosa
The British have retreated and broken contact with them

Game Casualties
British lose 1200 infantry
French lose 400 infantry

Game Summary
Wellington was aware that the French were advancing to attack Tolosa
1st corps was ordered to hold the town, and 2nd corps to move to support them
Wellington did not realise that the attack was to be made by three French corps
Nor that 1st corps would be over powered so quickly

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