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Thursday, August 14, 2014

3rd April 1814 – Battle of Mondragon

Mondragon  Campaign area

British have orders to halt and resupply
French corps have orders to engage

British               31,600 infantry            1,900 cavalry                 90 guns
French               22,800 infantry            2000 cavalry                  60 guns

British HQ        halt
1 corps              halt on hold and resupply
2 corps              halt on hold and resupply
4 corps              halt on hold and resupply
French HQ       halt
5 corps              move to F07 on observe
11 corps            move to E07 on engage
Table at start of wargame

British Brigades          8 infantry         2 cavalry           3 artillery
French Brigades          6 infantry         1 cavalry           1 artillery

Note - 5 British corps is in rout at start of game, all brigades must be rallied

British HQ                       start D05
1 British corps              start C07
2 British corps              start move 2
4 Britishcorps               start D06

11 French corps           arrive move 1
6 French corps             arrive move 3

Note – all of 4 British corps start the game in rout

4th British corps rout

The brigade has not had an opportunity to rally following the battle of Savaltiere on 1st April 1814.   Each brigade starts the battle in rout, and has to be rallied in order to take part in the battle.   
Move 1 – 0800 to 0900
Wellington directs the rout away from 2 British
4 British 4 brigade rallies to shaken
Wellington orders 1 British to engage 11 French
1 British advance behind a cavalry screen
Move 2 – 0900 to 1000
Wellington orders 2 British to deploy to face Savaltiere
11 French are spotted and replace blind with figures
4 British rally 4 brigade to disordered and artillery to shaken
Move 3 – 1000 to 1100
11 French hussars charge and rout British hussars with 10% casualties
5 French arrive on table
2 British redeploy to face 5 French
4 British rally artillery to disordered
Move 4 – 1100 to 1200
4 British ordered to support 1 British
1 British artillery rout infantry with 10% casualties
1 British square rout cavalry with 10% casualties
1 British artillery rout when cavalry rout into them
11 French change orders to retreat
5 French change orders to retreat

Game Casualties
French lose 400 infantry and 100 cavalry
British lose 100 cavalry

Game Summary
11 French arrive in pursuit of routed 4 British
Wellington orders 1 British to engage 11 French
He also orders 4 British to rout towards farm to avoid 2 British
5 French arrive and move towards 2 British
11 French cavalry win melee and rout 1 British hussars
They in turn are routed by infantry and artillery
They rout into gunners, who join rout
1 British artillery rout infantry column
With three brigades in rout 11 French halt advance and retreat
5 French also retreat leaving British winner of the battle

Total casualties, including from earlier battles, at the end of the battle
French have 7,200 casualties 6 brigades in rout
British have  5,300 casualties 4 brigades in rout

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