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Monday, September 15, 2014

6th April 1814 – Battle of Rougemont

Rougemont Campaign area

This map shows the location of all corps at first light
4th and 22nd French corps have orders to attack Rougemont
10th French corps have orders to march south
16th corps have orders to halt on hold
All four Bavarian corps have orders to halt on hold

French               27,200 infantry            1,900 cavalry                 60 guns
Bavarian           54,400 infantry            3,900 cavalry                 120 guns

0800 to 1200
The French come under heavy artillery fire as they advance
As soon as they realise that they are outnumbered they halt and deploy
2nd Bavarian corps joins the battle
10th French corps are ordered to join the battle, but will not arrive until mid afternoon

By midday it is clear to Marshal Marmont that he must retreat or face destruction
He orders 4th and 22nd corps to retreat towards Besancon

1200 to 1600
The French retreat is the end of the battle
The Bavarian army still have heavy casualties from the battle of Besancon two day s earlier
Although the French have been badly beaten, 10th corps has arrived to cover the retreat
1600 to 2000
By nightfall both armies had broken contact and their deployment was similar to before the battle

Game Casualties
French lose 4,800 infantry
Bavarians lose 2,400 infantry

Game Summary
The French attack was doomed from the start
The Bavarians had lost more men at Besancon two days earlier
But they still outnumbered the French two to one
The stronger Bavarian cavalry pinned the French infantry
The stronger Bavarian artillery pounded them until they retreated
The French Army was in better shape than the Bavarian Army
Had they attacked with all four corps they should have won this battle

Total casualties, including from earlier battles,  at the end of the battle
French  8,800 casualties 4 brigades in rout
Bavarian 11,300 casualties 3 brigades in rout

Game Notes
Because the French are outnumbered two to one this battle was not fought as a wargame.   I used this chart to determine casualties.  

Total                   Bavarian                                         French                                                           
02                         400 infantry                                  400 infantry
03                         400 infantry                                  800 infantry
04                         400 infantry                                  800 infantry and 100 cavalry
05                         400 infantry                                  1200 infantry
06                         800 infantry                                  1200 infantry and 100 cavalry
07                         800 infantry                                  1600 infantry
08                         800 infantry                                  1600 infantry and 100 cavalry
09                         800 infantry                                  2000 infantry
10                         1200 infantry                               2000 infantry, 100 cavalry and 100 gunners
11                         1200 infantry                               2400 infantry
12                         1200 infantry                               2400 infantry, 100 cavalry and 100 gunners

1D6 was rolled for each French corps
Total dice roll was 11
Total French casualties were 2400 infantry
Total Bavarian casualties were 1200 infantry

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