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Monday, February 2, 2015

18th April 1814 – Battle of Savaltiere

Savaltiere Campaign area

11th and 17th French corps have orders to attack Savaltiere
4th British has orders to move south and attack Kurutze
2nd British have orders to hold and resupply
6th Guerrilla have orders to recce D06

British - 26800 infantry, 1900 cavalry and 60 guns
Spanish – 1000 infantry
French - 23200 infantry, 3000 cavalry and 60 guns
Table at start of wargame
British Brigades       7 infantry      2 cavalry       artillery
French Brigades      6 infantry      2 cavalry       artillery

11 French corps starts on the table
17 French arrive start of move 1
2 and 4 British start on table
6 Guerrilla arrive start of move 1

Move 1 – 0800 to 0900
French advance and deploy to column of attack
2 British change direction to move to town
4 British about turn to move to town
6 Guerrilla move towards village

Move 2 – 0900 to 1000
Table is extended south to make Savaltiere centre of table
All four corps are within sight, figures placed on table

Move 3 – 1000 to 1100
All corps deploy and advance into short artillery range 

Move 4 -1100 to 1200
11 French occupy hill and advance towards town
17 French artillery hit infantry, who are shaken with 20% casualties
2 British are finding it difficult to deploy because of lack of space
4 British rifle brigade garrison the right hand town section

Move 5 – 1200 to 1300
11 French gunners hit town garrison, who pass morale with 10% casualties
11 French infantry cause another 10% casualties, garrison are shaken but hold on
17 French lancers charge British hussars, who retire shaken with 10% casualties

4 British corps is bearing the brunt of the battle, and has three brigades shaken
Wellington orders a general retreat to avoid further casualties

Game Casualties
British lose 1200 infantry
French have no casualties

Game Summary
The British are poorly deployed to meet the French attack
Wellington orders both corps to move to secure the town
4th corps reach the town first, and come under attack by both French corps
The British started the game with casualties from previous battles.
This, coupled with particularly poor dice, resulted in three brigades being shaken
Wellington decided to break contact and retreat
To do otherwise could easily have resulted in heavy casualties

Total casualties, including from earlier battles, at the end of the battle
French 3,200 casualties no brigades in rout
British  5,300 casualties 3 brigades in rout

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